LATTC Building
New Options for Storing Data

The T and Z drives will be phased out by the end of 2024.

Please initiate the data migration process promptly.

OneDrive is replacing your current Z drive. Transition saving documents there. Step-by-step video guides can be found

A SharePoint Site* can be created to store Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This will provide a secure and organized environment for storing sensitive information. This is replacing department drives (previously housed on the T drive).
  • Submit a request for a PII sharepoint.
  • Submit a request for a non-PII sharepoint.听

A Microsoft Teams Site*is for department collaboration and communication.听Submit a request by emailing the helpdesk.

*An administrator must submit a request for your department. Requests are subject to approval.
Email the helpdesk at LATTC-TECHSUPPORT@91影视.EDU if you have any questions.听

Distinguishing Employee System Credentials

distinguishing employee system credentials

New Employees

  • Fill out the 听to gain access to the above systems and email the helpdesk
  • Sign into the听
    • SAP is a self-service听password reset portal听where users can access work approvals, financial apps, HR details, Time Entry, CMMS and other functions. To sign in for the first time, you need to 听on the portal's sign in page

How To

For more guides, including video tutorials, please visit the听听

Contact Information

Student Support

General Support听 听 听 听 听 听 听听

Password Resets

Please visit Admissions and Records or
email听@email听with your Name, Date of Birth, and Student ID Number.

Staff/Faculty Support

Classroom Audio/Visual

Classroom Computers/Lab Equipment

Canvas and Zoom Support

Tech Support

All Employee IT requests should be sent via email to our helpdesk at @email
  • If you are unable to email, please call us at听(213) 732-1688
  • Please set up an appointment with one of our technicians before stopping by the office

Report Phishing and Scam Emails

Report suspicious emails by forwarding it to听@email
In order to protect yourself, please:
  • Never enter your 91影视 password into any web form where you received the link via email, even if that email came from an 91影视 account.
  • If you received such an email and entered your District email password into a website, change your password听immediately.
  • Be very suspicious of any email that offers employment or some other payment that sounds too good to be true. It is almost always fraudulent.

Web Page Requests

Office Hours and Location (By Appointment)

Mondays to Thursdays: 7:00AM - 7:00PM
Fridays 7:00AM - 4:30PM
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: Closed


Alex Chen
(A-shift) Supervising Technology Services Specialist

Mauricio Zelaya
(B-Shift) Supervising Technology Services Specialist